Virtual Field Trips

Mesopotamian Monuments Skype

Mesopotamian Monuments Virtual Field Trip
Grades 6-8, 50 minutes

Mesopotamian Monuments is a live virtual field trip for middle school students to investigate monuments from Sumer, Babylonia and Assyria exhibited at Harvard University. Guided by a museum educator using 3D technology, students observe and analyze sculptures from a classroom or their homes to understand the characteristics of these ancient river civilizations. The program introduces the Sumerian ruler Gudea, Hammurabi of Babylon and the Assyrian Kings Esharhaddon, Ashurnasirpal II and Shalmaneser III. Discussion includes stops at the monument of Hammurabis' code and a demonstration of cuneiform on clay. Free “Field Notebooks” available for download so that students may record details during the program and use for later reference. Free teacher resource with related links available for download. See the Virtual Field Trip Guide for simple technology requirements.

Educator Admission

Educators are invited to visit the museum to develop an assignment for their students’ visits.

Fee Reduction

School groups may be eligible for a fee reduction based upon the percent of students receiving free and reduced lunch. Call (617) 495-3216 for an exact price quote.

Please complete the online Reservation Request Form to begin the reservations process. When the request has been reviewed, you will be contacted by the Education Department to complete the reservation.

For more information download the Virtual Field Trip Guide (DOCX), view the Teacher Resources (PDF), and the online Field Notes (PDF) or download the printable Field Notes (PDF).