Ashkelon Videos

Archaeologists in Ashkelon

The Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East sponsored archaeological field research into the complex societies of the Near East, with special emphasis on those ancient cultures related to the world of the Bible. Each year more than 100 staff, students, and volunteers participated in the Ashkelon Excavations (The Leon Levy Expedition), led by Museum Director and Dorot Professor of the Archaeology of Israel Lawrence E. Stager. Below you will find videos taken from the field by Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East Chief Curator, Dr. Adam Aja.

In the Field

Dig Ashkelon Introduction

Persian Doorways in Israel

Streets Leading to the Sea in Israel

Philistine Pottery Decoration

Iron Age Philistine Vessel from Israel

Iron Age Philistine Vessel from Israel

An Iron Age Philistine krater was excavated at Grid 38 in Ashkelon, Israel. It is one of the finest and best preserved whole vessels from this period that have been found at the site.  The krater has bright red and black decoration, a hallmark of the "Philistine Bichrome" class of pottery. 

The Importance of Ancient Pottery Sherds

Bone Doll

Ancient Israelite Plumbing

Ancient Israelite Dice

Students Washing of Sherds in Israel

Ashkelon Highlights

Ivory Lion Blade Handle

History Hiding History in Israel

Walls of Jars in Israel

Ashkelon, Israel Archaeology Lab

Surveying Archaeological Probes in Israel

Archaeologists as Tourists in Israel

Industrial Mosaic Clues

Ancient Persian Puppy Burial

Standing in Ancient Crusader Sumps

Making Sense of Archaeological Debris

Understanding Archaeological Findings

History Washes Into the Sea

Amphoras: Cardboard Boxes of the Ancient World

The Iron Age Strata of the Philistine City of Ashkelon, Israel

Ancient Artifacts Excavated in Israel

Live Excavation of a Late Bronze Age Bowl

Saying Goodbye to Lawrence Stager's Grid 38 in Ashkelon