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The Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East has augmented its exhibit space by installing a digital display that highlights archived objects from its collection. These temporary digital exhibitions are presented at the museum near the base of the main stairs. Excerpts from these exhibits are available here. Curated by Chief Curator, Dr. Adam Aja.

Museum Videos

Mediterranean Marketplace: Cats

Mediterranean Marketplace: Boat Model

Mediterranean Marketplace: Prisoner

Mediterranean Marketplace: Cuneiform Tablet

Mediterranean Marketplace: Statue

Mediterranean Marketplace: Alexander the Great Coin

Augmented Reality and the Dream Stela

Replicating the Dream Stela

The Significance of the Dream Stela

The Significance of the Sphinx

From Stone to Silicone: Technologies for Scholarship

From Stone to Silicone: Art and Empire

The Lost Egyptian Throne of Queen Hetepheres

Tour of the Tomb of Queen Hetepheres

Director's Welcome

Cuneiform Tablet Restoration

World's Earliest Alphabet: Blake and Lake Expedition

Engaging Roman Glass

Inventorying Shechem

Volunteering at the Harvard Semitic Museum